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Wednesday, June 1, 2011
The Squad

The Squad are a group of creative people based in Sydney. They specialise in branding, digitsl marketing and traditional media creative.
The team consists of Chris Armstrong, Jessica Langton, Tessa Conn, Ben Hopkins, Matt Web, Dan Harvey, Michael Smith, Ema Webb and Tamie Wong.

What Squad Does...
-New branding development
-Corporate ID
-Brand Refreshes
-Style guides

-Digital creative
-Banner campaigns
-Animation & multimedia
-E-learning tools and EDM

-Small brochure sites
-Large CMS backed and
-E commerce websites

-Social media campaigns
-Applications for iPhone, iPad and other mobiles

-Press ads and publications

-Promotional marketing pieces
-Point of sale (POS)
-Packaging design and production

-Posters and

Their previous clients included Fisher & Paykel (banner ads, mini-sites, landing pages and POS items), Victoria Bitter (VB) (visual treatment for Bloody Legends Campaign), Toyota (legal and billing documents POS, advertising material and brochures), Westpac (concept for Westpac Rewards Program) and Nestle (visual treatment for the Nestle Free iTunes Song Promotion).


Percept is a Graphic Design agency that have been operating in Sydney, NSW, Australia since 1997. They were formally known as Eye Scream Graphic Design.
The services they offer can be divided into the following categories: Branding, internet, print and marketing. Branding includes corporate identity, rebranding, and brand naming. Internet includes web design, web hosting and email advertising. Print includes designs, stationary, digital and offset printing, photography and visual communication aids. Marketing includes advertising, collateral design and electronic marketing.

Percept are recognised by a number of jobs such as the Packaging Design community with features in the Dieline, Packaging of the World and Labels Plus, and the Email Marketing community as featured in the Campaign Monitor Gallery and as well as winning an Inbox Award.

Percept have represented in the prestigious Desktop Create Design Awards. They have been twice honoured in the 36th Annual Creativity Awards. Percept has published 42 design projects in various international graphic design journals.
Percept have featured in Oz Graphic and the Desktop Design Directory, the publications featuring Australia’s top design studios.
Percept were Wine label design medallists at Printing Industries Craftsmanship Awards. They are also an active member of AGDA (Australia Graphic Design Association).


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