Defining the Design Solution

Friday, June 24, 2011

Challenge – to come up with poster designs promoting Graphic Design and Interactive Digital Media and Information and Communication Technology courses at TAFE.
Client – George Holt, head of the ICT Department.
The initial meeting with our client certainly got us thinking. We came up with a list of things we wished to discuss with the client:
Printers – when we would have to book the printers and which printing company would we be approaching
We were giving ourselves a 3 week deadline because of the printing
What size would we be making the posters
What information we were to put on the posters
How many would we get printed
We would come up with 6 designs – 2 each; one for graphic design and one for ICT (this was when Michelle was still with us)
We would provide thumbnail sketches after our initial meeting
Legal requirements
Tafe logos
Talking with marketing
Whether or not the posters would be ongoing.
When we sat down for our meeting, our client told us everything he wanted – which ended up being more than we’d expected. They wanted more than just posters; they wanted banners as well. We were a little bit thrown by that but we said that we would do the best we could in the amount of time we’d been given to complete the project. It was a successful initial meeting and I feel we were all very professional about it – we discussed everything we needed to, organised our next meeting and told the client what we were capable of doing in the short amount of time we were given.


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