Typographic Art

Thursday, April 29, 2010

by al2sami on deviantArt. E from series A-Z. It's vibrant, eyecatching and colourful and the capital E in the background adds an interesting element - a good alternative to having just a plain white background.

by al2sami on deviantArt. U from series A-Z. The black and white is simple, along with the character, and the patterns are intricate.

by fuzzyzebra on deviantArt. This is just amazing. This may be strange but it has a really scientific feel about it. It's not just flat, it looks like you could reach out and touch it. Typography taken to a whole other level.

by vladstudio on deviantArt. The font used in this isn't particularly good, but I thought the idea was really awesome! I liked how they shaped the type and there's contrast between large and small sizes throughout the image.

by gravitymachine on flikr. The characters used in this poster aren't just ordinary characters because of the way the designer has made them look more like a painting by using texture and the lines of the characters aren't perfectly straight - they're more fun. The type at the bottom is placed well and the choice of type isn't fancy so it doesn't take away from the watercolour characters. The use of different colours also works because the red and the blue match with the red and the blue on the watercolour characters.

by palax on deviantArt. I really like this piece for several reasons. It uses Helvetica, which is one of my favourite typefaces because of it's simplicity and sophistication. The combination of red, blue and beige/sepia/brown works well together with the black and white and I also really like the grunge texture used. The diagonal layout is also interesting.

Modern Kraft Graphic Design Conference Poster

Tuesday, April 20, 2010
Modern Kraft
Graphic Design Conference
May 24-28 2010
Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre, Darling Harbour

Coming up with a design for this was both difficult and not at the same time. Researching other graphics posters were good for inspiration but the challenging part was making it appropriate. I wanted something that didn't look corperate, something that was bold and fun. The idea for the type came from a poster I found on dA where the abbreviation for the exhibition was the main focus of the poster. It went in a backwards 'J' shape coming from the top of the page, curving off to the side and I thought the idea was great so I incorporated it into my own work. The layout of the poster was probably the easiest part for me , even though I had to change it around a bit to match with the typeface I'd picked for the main focus. Choosing such a typeface was also difficult because of the lack of choices on Illustrator (I guess I'm a bit picky when it comes to fonts), but with some rearranging I came up with a solution.

I made three colour versions of the poster. I decided that simple but bright colour schemes are more effective overall instead of having five or so colours. I like the blue and orange best.

I took the first version of the poster for revision - the printed version turned out red and blue instead of the orange and aqua-coloured blue and I forgot to save with the white (oops) so it didn't look as good as I pictured. Looking at the revised versions now I think the white was off in the first place.

In the revision I was told the text should maybe be a brighter colour so it stands out more, like white, so this is what I came up with.


Sunday, April 18, 2010
I was really stuck with this task - I had no idea what to do. I originally had birds but then I wanted to do something else a bit more fun. So I thought I would do friendly monsters. I call them Cyclods. :D



Friday, April 16, 2010

Isn't this awesomely cool? I'd really like a table like this. It's got a really funky feel to it and the red really stands out against the white.


Art Exhibitions and Wild Pears

Thursday, April 1, 2010
I guess you could call these my first freelance jobs - only, I didn't get paid; I did them for community service. The first is the logo I created for the Up-2-Date Art Exhibition 2010. The theme for this year's show is "Boots, Bags, Buttons and Bows." For those of you who haven't heard of the exhibition before, it's held at the Up-2-Date store in Coolamon which was listed as a heritage building because it has one of the only cash-carry systems still in tact and still working. The art show has been running for a few years now and we usually have an artist in residence who's works feature in the show and they are able to talk to the public about their works and they run workshops for the community to develop a certain art style. Each year, the show has a theme in which artists can submit works based upon, and they are exhibited in a separate room. Artworks are judged and the best from each category - oils, acrylics, drawings, etc, - receives a prize and then there's an overall judge's/people's choice award. The first design I originally did was a digitalised version of a sketch my aunty did. It was a paper bag with buttons coming out of the top and bow at the front with boots on the bottom. We revised the idea and decided to have a label on the bag which had a boot on it as a watermark and decided instead of a ribbon bow, we'd have a rafia bow (which is a bow made out of strands of yarn/paper) which went better with the paper bag (I actually ended up deleting it so unfortunately I don't have the image to show you the comparison). It turned out well, but the committee wanted something different so they gave me a basic picture of what they wanted so I created it from their idea - something more stylised and sophisticated. I wasn't impressed to begin with, seeing as the first design took quite some time to finish, but when we looked at them both again, we decided that the second design was much better.

The second is the flyer/promotional poster for The Wild Pear's fashion show. I decided on a Moulin Rouge-ish theme for the poster (kind of like Art Nouveau) and personified the pears as models. I admit it's a little rough but the ladies liked it so I'm glad. Both designs were done in Corel Painshop Pro X - I wish I had had Illustrator so the lines and things weren't so wonky. But I'm still happy with the outcome as a whole.