Thursday, February 25, 2010
Dentistry Logos

This logo works because it is simple in colour, choice of font, image and layout. The picture of the tooth is straight forward, and somewhat stylised which works perfectly as it isn't misleading in any way, and it is a comfortable image to look at.

I think this logo works because, akin to the Balmain Dental Clinic logo, the colours, choice of font and picture are easy to look at and there isn't that feeling of intimidation when one has to go to the dentist.

I like the approach with this logo. The colours work together, and the design emphasizes that the dental practice is definitely for the family as "family" is pink instead of grey, matching with the picture of the family at the top - it's convincing. The colour scheme is soft, which makes it more calming instead of giving it a sterile feel.

Florist Logos

This logo works because it's simple in colour, picture and font but the faded mirror image gives it another dimension - it's funky, looks designer-ish and it isn't in your face.

I think this logo is elegant - it makes one think that the florists would be an elegant place to go to purchase flowers - and the choice of having three different fonts works effectively. The colours are neutral and they give the logo a tranquil feeling.

This logo also works because of it's simplistic elegance. The font is easy to read and contrasts with the darker image on the side. The use of the white line for the stem in the picture ensures that the green flowers aren't lost against the blue and next to the lighter green opposite.

Gym Logos

This logo is big and bold and it works because it isn't swirly or soft in any way, shape or form, so it's likely to attract people who want a good work-out (it gets its message across). The black shapes form FBI - Future Bodies Institute, but it's a little difficult to recognise that straight away, and even though the word Gymnasium is in a small font, it stands out because it's light grey against a black background.

The use of the infamous evolution image is what makes this logo work. The message the logo gives is that if you go this gym, you are elite - you're the next step forward from the every day human being. The simple black and white scheme is effective as there's no colour to distract you from the image or the name. The attraction is all in the image.

This logo, just like the FBI logo, works because of it's bold design. The yellow strands out against the black, the font is bold, block-like and easy to read and it's different to the others gym logos as it's in a circle instead of a square or rectangle. The stereotypical iron/muscle-man in the centre would attract people to the gym as their goal is to get fit and to achieve a better looking body and the logo illustrates that it can happen.

Space Truckin'

Monday, February 22, 2010

Here's the second post we were asked to do - I'm sure it' has to be better than the "Fruity" one.
It was a bit of a challenge because of the diverse range of objects and the shapes you had to work around with the pen tool. Placing the objects to make the image look good was also difficult, but despite it being frustrating at times, it was a great exercise.

Here's the first composit we were asked to do and this is my attempt. It was the first time I'd used the pen tool and I despised it to begin with but after a while I sort of got the hang of it. In this exercise we also learned about using the drop shadow effect and using gradients. The edges on the fruit are a bit dodgy but hey.

Photographers & Their Art

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This photograph has a peaceful, serene feel to it and the fact that the subject (Araki's wife) isn't in the centre of the photograph, she is still the focus. I prefer photographs where the subject isn't in the middle because it gives the image a more natural, spontaneous feel.

This photograph his colourful and the eye is instantly drawn to the fluorescent colours and patterns on the hat. I like this photo because at first it is misleading - the hat would suggest that a younger child is the subject, but then you see the floral dress and the characteristc wrinkled hands which tells you the subject is, in fact, an elderly person.

I instantly was drawn to this photo because of the dark silhouettes of the trees against the light sky. I like this because the image goes from highly contrasted at the top (the trees against the sky) and then here's the city below which has greys with less contrast and the fog blends it in. Then you have the grass which is almost completely dark, contrasting with the completely light sky.

This photograph has a spontaneous feel to it and the composition is interesting; pleasing to the eye. The paper almost resembles leaves flying from the tree branches, and directs the eye across so you can notice the people, the telegraph poles and cityscape in the background.

The colours in this photograph, especially the houses, are what I lik best about this photograph. It really does look like a still frame from a scene of a movie! The way the light reflects off the wet road creates the effect of the calmness after the rain has passed. This photograph is my favourite out of all the ones I have collected.

The facial expression of the woman in this photo is the first thing you notice - you can imagine what she's just read in the letter she has in her hands. Again, the subject isn't in the centre, but the photograph is balanced because of the dark brick wall and the back of a chair on the other side.

The lighting and contrast in this photograph is amazing. The stripes of light gives you the feeling of a prison or being behind bars, being trapped, and the expression on the subject's face enhances that feeling. The light hasnt fallen on the large bags under his eyes, making them dark, which makes the subject look tired and gloomy, yet the lighting makes you have a weary feeling about him.

This photograph has a dull, depressing feeling which is enhanced by the lack of bright light and colourful settings. Even though the wallpaper in the background is patterned wih orange and yellow, it is still dull. You can't see the subject's (Billingham's father) face, he's turned away, giving the sense that he doesn't want to be seen, that he doesn't have the heart to look or to face the world, which is enhanced by his slouched posture. The fact that he's (the father) an alcoholic is made clear in this shot as there's a bottle close to his hand in the shot.


I like this photo by Clark because of it's realistic nature - it doesn't look staged. Even without nudity and suggestive positioning it is provocative (Lynn's facial expression with the needle in her hand creates this feel).

Get The Glass

Thursday, February 11, 2010
Today we played get the glass (www.gettheglass.com) and it was entertaining, but a little ridiculous. I can see why people would spend an average of 9 minutes/visit - you just wanna beat the police!

I kept getting Misfortune cards D:

I liked the way the game was set out - the path was like those you see on board games, and it was good that when you landed on a Mastermind card you got to complete a little challenge like a word find or True or False.

The graphics of the game had to be the best part of the game. Whilst the colours were dark (which suited - who colours a police pursuit in pinks and yellows anyway?) they were effective and added to the mystery and the feel of the game - what's going to happen next? Will I get caught and sent to prison? The textures of the buildings, roads, bushes etc., were effective too. They weren't exactly realistic but it made the scenery interesting and gave it life.

One day I might finish the game.

The First, But Not The Last

Wednesday, February 10, 2010
Hey there, welcome to my blog and here's the test run.

Today we learned a little about Photoshop - it's amazing how the seemingly simple things are actually quite complex to begin with.