Play-Doh Packaging: Crazy Castles!

Originally, I wanted to create ‘Haunted House’ themed Play-Doh packaging, however when I was researching I found that Play-Doh had already created a Halloween/Haunted Mansion package so I decided that I would create ‘Crazy Castles!’ instead. I thought that this would be a really fun idea to go with because then I could use a number of different colours to create a castle to go on the packaging. I then also created a prince and princess figure to demonstrate that ‘Crazy Castles!’ wasn’t just limited to structuring castles – kids could build motes, knights, or anything else associated with castles.

I based the packaging on the 24 colour box I purchased for my own creation – whilst it had to be an original concept, I wanted it to be as realistic as possible so the placement of logos and type on my own packaging are the same. I photographed each of the creations (the castle, the prince and princess and the flowers) and tried to keep the post-production as minimal as possible because whilst on some of the bigger Play-Doh boxes there are quite elaborate images, I wanted mine to have a more simplistic look and look like a young child had actually created the images on the front, so I didn’t bother smoothing out too much of the finger prints or lines.

My Play-Doh box comes with 26 tubs of a variety of fun colours. In hindsight, I probably should have added some more things like the Fun Factory or some plastic tools to increase the value of the product, but I think my box would have been too cluttered with images if I’d included those products. ‘Crazy Castles!’ is targeted at children aged four and older. I am really happy with the finished product – I think I’d believe it was a real product if you placed it on the shelf with other Play-Doh products.


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